BEC Charleston Award

 In our effort to promote scientific understanding of buildings in our hot and humid climate, the Building Enclosure Council of Charleston seeks to promote educational excellence among collegiate students in our region. Every year we present the BEC Charleston Award to an undergraduate or graduate student who demonstrates exceptional aptitude, enthusiasm, and accomplishment in his or her academic or extracurricular efforts in architecture, building science, or construction.

This year we integrated our Award into a graduate design course at Clemson University taught by Vincent Blouin, Ph.D., who holds joint appointments in both the School of Architecture and the School of Materials Science and Engineering. This course, “Environmental Systems,” exposed architecture and material science students to envelope performance software, thermal dynamics processes, and material innovations as they relate to energy storage. The final course project pushed students to violate and rethink the current paradigm and focus on performance-based design that can be quantified in terms of heat exchange due to radiation, heat gain/heat loss, and passive/active system control strategies. The 2013 BEC Board reviewed five individual and team submissions, all of which included an energy analysis of the building enclosure as a function of BTU’s saved or stored. This year’s winners,Carlos Gonzalez Aguilar, Miguel Yon Moll & Liu Longqinl, received a cash award of $750 intended to help foster the curiosity and the investigation of building enclosure as well as reward the team for a well conceived and thought provoking performance based design.

Carlos Gonzalez Aguilar Miguel Yon Moll Liu Longqinl

College: Clemson University
Study: Architecture